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Nitrile & Latex Gloves
Manufacturing Machinery

Paragon Health design, fabricate and build medical glove manufacturing equipment

Manufactured in Northern Ireland

Experts in Engineering Glove Production Solutions

Paragon Health are experts in disposable glove manufacturing machinery, and have developed advanced and highly automated glove production solutions for a range of glove types.

Our team includes medical glove manufacturing engineers with over 60 years of experience engineering and designing glove manufacturing equipment.

Delivering off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, our customers trust in Paragon Health to design and build a glove manufacturing production line that is best suited to their business objectives.  In addition we offer consulting services to existing glove manufacturers who are interested in developing their existing glove manufacturing machinery.


We work with glove manufacturers, governments, healthcare manufacturers, engineering businesses and investors.

Contact Paragon Health today for a consultation on how we can help you establish the most advanced glove manufacturing machine solution for your business

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How Paragon Supports Glove Manufacturers

Paragon Health offer a range of services that are specifically tailored to each of our customers.  This may include initial glove market feasibility studies and cost analysis.  Full design and build of a glove manufacturing machine.  Or ongoing consulting service with existing manufacturers.

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Laboratory Set Up

We can deliver a complete laboratory set up with a full complement of glove manufacturing equipment, chemicals and suppliers.  This will enable your team to begin research and development for your glove manufacturing machine.  Developing the optimal chemical formulation is vital for the success of any medical glove production business.  Our Chemical Engineers have extensive experience working with nitrile examination gloves, latex surgical gloves, as well as polychlorprene, polyisoprene and neoprene gloves.  Our laboratory will facilitate pilot scale production, to enable your team to simulate real time factors in a high-volume glove dipping line.

Glove Manufacturing Consultation

Have you a specific glove manufacturing solution you would like expert input on?  Or perhaps you are new to glove manufacturing?

Our team of engineers can provide valuable insight into medical glove manufacturing, and can provide expert advice on every stage of the process from market analysis, laboratory set up, product development, the glove production process, technology and equipment, glove regulations and testing standards.

This will enable you and your team to make strategic decisions based on years of glove manufacturing expertise that considers what it means to run a profitable glove manufacturing business as well as the manufacturing process.

Dipping Line Design

Paragon Health offer a glove manufacturing machine design that is highly-automated with the most advanced automation and controls system to enable manufacturers to minimize labour and facilitate optimal oversight of the manufacturing process.

Our glove dipping line design pays particular attention to the glove plant layout, line speed, drying and curing oven specification, tank design, beading as well as glove stripping and packing.  Our engineers maximise production output, and minimize energy consumption and water consumption.

Engineering & Construction

Regardless of where you are in the world, we will engineer and build your gloves manufacturing machine.  Our extensive manufacturing operation is supported by established relationships with critical manufacturing equipment suppliers across the world. We can supply directly from our Northern Ireland factory and also source material and equipment local to your site and work with local sub-contractors to ensure we deliver the most cost effective solution for your business.

Our construction and commissioning team will ensure your gloves manufacturing machine will be built on time and within budget.  Adequate training is provided to your team on all glove manufacturing equipment and processes.

Automation & Controls

Advanced automation and controls is one of the most vital components of any modern glove manufacturing machine.  In order to compete with established glove manufacturers, our automation and controls team will implement the most advanced technology to minimise labour and streamline the typically labour intensive process of glove stripping and packing.  Adding to this, our controls system monitors every stage of the manufacturing process from coagulant concentration, total solids content, line speed, oven conditions etc.

Waste Water Treatment

Environmental sustainability is an important factor with any glove manufacturing facility, and our engineering team will tailor the waste water treatment process to the conditions and output of your gloves production machine.

We will ensure our design meets all regulatory requirements of your local governing authority and maximise water reusage where possible.

Cost Modelling

Our team can produce a comprehensive cost model for your glove manufacturing facility that will incorporate capital expenditure, operational costs, raw material usage, staffing and waste etc.  This enables our customers to determine the optimal line size and speed to maximise operating profit and determine the payback period for their investment.

Regulatory Compliance

Paragon Health can advise on the regulatory requirements for all your glove products on the international market.  For e.g. FDA and ASTM regulations in the United States, or Medical Device and PPE regulations in Europe.  We work with accredited laboratories around the world who offer a full suite of tests and can advise on timelines, sample sizes and expectations for each of the required tests.

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Business & manufacturing knowledge that will enable you to get ahead in the world glove market.

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World-Class Technology Powering Glove Production

Competing on the global gloves market requires world leading innovation and technology.  Paragon Health have utilised the most advanced technology to optimise automation enabling glove manufacturers to minimise labour.  Adding to this Paragon Health’s engineering team have created a glove dipping line design that minimises energy consumption and water usage further reducing costs for glove manufacturers.

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Glove Manufacturing Equipment

Design & Build

Our engineering team will design and build the full mechanical and electrical design including automation and controls for your glove manufacturing facility.  We carry out a detailed study of your site and building to determine the appropriate layout, and size of your line.  From there our world-class solution will be delivered utilising the most advanced technology to ensure that labour is minimised, along with energy consumption and water usage enabling your business to compete on the world market.

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Design Only

On design only solutions we will fully design your line and provide support services during the construction of your glove dipping line.  A bill of materials with detailed layout and piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) drawings, with a construction schedule and a commissioning plan are provided.  Recommended raw material and component suppliers will be provided with full technical specifications

Primary Raw Materials for Glove Production

Paragon Health can offer advice on key manufacturing considerations for multiple glove types.  This will include specific storage requirements, chemical formulations, drying and curing conditions, former types etc.  Our engineering team can build flexibility into your gloves making machine to enable you to manufacture different glove types with differing raw material compositions.

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Nitrile Examination Gloves

Nitrile examination gloves are made from synthetic rubber.  They offer many advantages such as reduction in exposure to allergenic proteins, tear resistance, puncture resistance, durability etc.  They are typically worn by healthcare providers or in environments where the wearers are working with chemicals or food.  However, they are not suitable for surgical environments.

Latex Surgical

Latex surgical gloves are manufactured from natural rubber latex sourced from rubber tree plantations.  The physical properties of latex gloves include its elasticity, resistance to tearing and protection against biohazards and pathogens, making it the ideal glove for surgical environments.


Also known as synthetic polyisoprene surgical gloves, manufactured from the man-made material, polyisoprene.  They have a molecular structure similar to natural rubber latex offering the user the performance that a surgeon would expect from a natural rubber latex surgical gloves.  This type of glove is known to be a little more challenging to manufacture however our gloves manufacturing machine design can easily accommodate this production line design.

Polychloroprene Surgical

Polychloroprene is another synthetic material with a molecular structure similar to that of natural rubber latex offering a glove company and the surgical market an alternative glove to the natural rubber latex glove.  Similar to polyisoprene gloves, polychloroprene offers excellent elasticity, resistance to tearing and protection against biohazards and pathogens, making it a competitive product to natural rubber latex.

Why Work With Paragon Health?

Paragon Health are experts in medical device manufacturing and our team includes glove manufacturing experts in the design and construction of glove manufacturing equipment.

We can offer you a tailored solution to meet your business needs, whether that’s on a consultation basis or a full design and build solution.

Paragon Health are the best placed manufacturing company to support your glove production business.

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