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Medical Gloves Making Machine

Paragon Health design, fabricate and build medical glove manufacturing equipment.

Manufactured in Northern Ireland

Latex & Nitrile Glove Machine Manufacturers

Paragon Health design, fabricate and build latex and nitrile glove making machines.  Our glove machine is designed and engineered utilising the most advanced technology available to minimise energy consumption and maximise automation.

Our glove making machines are engineered with our customer’s business objectives in mind, and our team of engineers will clearly define glove production output, line speed, energy consumption and water consumption.

The technology is now available to enable latex and nitrile glove manufacturers to fully automate the glove stripping and packing process.  This allows medical glove manufacturers to enter the global glove market in locations that were once unable to compete with Malaysian glove manufacturers.

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Experts in Medical Glove Manufacturing

Paragon Health will set up your complete laboratory to enable you to begin lab testing of raw materials, begin compounding and produce small volumes of gloves.  Paragon Health will supply and install all necessary equipment, and our laboratory comes with a lab list of all equipment and materials.  The equipment includes a tensile strength tester, length mandrel and thickness gauge to test the physical properties of gloves, and testing apparatus to test for freedom of holes.

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Why Choose Paragon Health?

Paragon Health have many years of healthcare manufacturing experience, and our group of companies are a trusted partner of many of the world’s leading healthcare providers, government health departments, healthcare distributors and manufacturers.

The primary focus at Paragon Health  is the quality and integrity of our products and services, where we adopt a culture of continuous improvement to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of service. 

Our team includes experts in the fields of glove manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, design and engineering, construction, cost management and more.  Our management team along with our design team, engineers and construction team have the knowledge and experience to guide your glove manufacturing project from start to completion.

Paragon Health will fast track your glove manufacturing project.  Our team offers invaluable knowledge and expertise based on years of experience that will allow your company to fully evaluate your business objectives.

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What is the right service for you?

Contact the team at Paragon Health for an initial no obligation consultation.  We can discuss your business objectives, and explore how we can best support your business.

Many customers who are new to the glove market opt for an initial market evaluation and a laboratory set up  More advanced customers work with Paragon Health to establish their pilot or full glove production dipping line.

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How are medical gloves manufactured?

Nitrile examination gloves and latex surgical gloves are manufactured using a similar manufacturing method.  Often they will be manufactured on the same glove making machine, with changes being made to the raw materials, line speed, and dwell time and oven temperatures.  Hand shaped ceramic formers are washed in cleaning tanks which removes residue and contaminating particles that could negatively impact the quality of the gloves. Next the formers are dipped in a coagulant liquid which coats the formers in calcium nitrate.  This causes a thin layer of the raw material to aggregate on the former.  The next stage is to dip the former in the latex or nitrile depending on the glove type you are manufacturing.  The nitrile or latex will form a thin layer on the former creating your nitrile examination glove or latex surgical glove.  The formers are then dried to remove moisture in the drying oven and then cured at a high temperature in the curing oven.  The final stage in the glove production process is the stripping stage where an automatic glove stripping machine will remove the gloves from the former, and an automated packing machine will pack the gloves.

Why is now a great time to enter the glove market?

The demand for nitrile examination gloves and latex surgical gloves is continuing to rise, and the since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the surge in the demand this rise is set to continue at a high level for considerable time.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the worlds over dependence on glove production from a single region, primarily South East Asia.  As a result healthcare providers and governments are looking for alternative supply chain routes to diversify their suppliers and minimise risk.

Traditionally glove manufacturing involved considerable amounts of labour, but now the technology is now available to fully automate the process, in particular the glove stripping and packing stage.  This presents a huge opportunity for companies to enter the glove without the burden of high labour costs, particularly in Western countries.

The majority of the world’s gloves are manufactured in Malaysia, with Thailand and China manufacturing

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Why you should work with glove manufacturing experts?

Glove manufacturing is a highly technical and advanced engineering field.  It brings together technology within the fields of mechanical engineering, automation and controls, process engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering.

Working with glove manufacturing experts is paramount to the success of your project.  The intuitive knowledge that is required when setting up and operating a glove making machine can make or break a project.

Paragon Health’s are a gloves machine manufacturer and our project team will provide valuable insight and expertise that will fast track your project.  Our team provides in depth training to our customer’s management teams and employees, to ensure their people gain the information and skills required to successfully run a glove making machine.

Arrange a Consultation Today

Contact Paragon Health today to arrange a free no obligation consultation, and fast track the success of your medical glove manufacturing business.

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