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Nitrile Glove & Latex Surgical Gloves Making Machine Manufacturer

Paragon Health offer a complete medical glove manufacturing solution.  Our team of experienced glove manufacturing experts and engineers will design, fabricate, install, test and commission your medical glove making machine.

Our engineering team prioritises a quality product, where the layout of our glove dipping lines provide manufacturers the flexibility and control to determine the outcome of their product.   Our design team maximises production capacity, whilst minimising energy consumption and water usage.  Our solution utilises the most advanced automation and controls technology which has transformed the glove manufacturing process and significantly reduced the labour required to participate in the gloves manufacturing process.

nitrile gloves machine

Glove Manufacturing

Engineered for Performance

Gloves production machinery manufactured with optimal performance in mind whilst minimising labour and energy consumption.

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glove machine
gloves making machine

Chain Line & Drive System

Our engineers will design and supply a chain line system on your dipping line that takes into consideration line speed and production capacity, as well as maintenance and wear considerations.  The chain line is at the core of having an efficient nitrile and latex glove production line, ensuring continuous manufacturing and quality products.

gloves making machine

Single & Double Former Dipping Plant

For customers who want to maximise output and get the most out of their dipping lines a double former conveyor system is recommended.  This will significantly increase your production capacity and is recommended for product lines where there is a consistent high volume demand for the product, such as nitrile examination gloves.  A single former system is recommended where a lower production volume will satisfy market demand, such as latex surgical gloves or polyisoprene surgical gloves.  All formers are thermal shock resistant, have resistance against corrosive media and low have low thermal expansion coefficient properties.

Paragon Health Chain Dipping Plant Campsie N Ireland.jpg

Long Cuff Nitrile Examination Gloves

For extended sleeve nitrile examination gloves, our dipping line design has the flexibility to accommodate long cuff gloves for nitrile examination glove manufacturers.

nitrile gloves making machine

Stainless Steel Dipping Tanks

Stainless steel dipping tanks are manufactured from high grade stainless steel and incorporate mechanical features to facilitate laminar flow of latex, good film formation and minimal shear.  Line flexibility is achieved with features such as the use of variable frequency drives in the dipping tank.  This adjusts the mixing speeds in the dipping tank.  This allows the production facility to manufacture different glove types with raw materials such as nitrile butadiene rubber and natural rubber latex.

nitrile gloves making machine

Drying & Curing Ovens

Paragon Health utilise the latest oven technology to ensure optimal oven conditions whilst minimising energy consumption.  We have implemented the latest controls systems to monitor oven conditions as well as energy saving technology to minimise the energy costs of running an oven.

nitrile examination gloves

Controls Systems

The modern glove manufacturing facility utilises the most advanced technologies to facilitate efficiencies and reduce costs.  Paragon Health will implement strategic controls systems that will provide glove manufacturers with complete oversight and control of their line.

  • Line Speed

  • Oven Temperature

  • Dipping Tank Level

  • pH Control

  • Coagulant Concentration

  • Automated Tank Top Up

  • Storage Tank Volume

  • Oven Humidity

automatic glove machine

Automated Beading Machine

An effective bead is an integral part of a high quality nitrile examination gloves or surgical glove.  Our glove beading machine design offers an engineering solution that puts the quality of the product first as well as providing flexibility for different glove types with minimal energy consumption

nitrile examination gloves

Automated Stripping Machine

Paragon Health have incorporated the most advanced technologies to automate the stripping stage of the glove production line.  The technology is now available to convert the once laborious process into a fully automated process.  This has enabled glove production to become much more cost effective.

automatic glove machine

Automated Glove Packaging

Advanced automated packaging technology now enables nitrile gloves production facilities to pack gloves without the need for manual packing.  The automated glove packing technology stacks the gloves as they leave the dipping line, then packs them into a glove box.  A combination of conveyor belts and robotics then packs the glove boxes into cartons and the cartons are stacked onto pallets.


Multiple Glove Types

Our team of engineers have built flexibility into the line design to facilitate the manufacture of multiple glove types.  Examination formers can easily be changed to surgical formers.  Dip time and entry into the dipping tanks can be adjusted along with motor speed for mixing as well as the temperature of the tanks and ovens.  This enables medical glove manufacturers to allocate production time to different medical glove types catering to various segments of the medical glove market.

Gloves machinery

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Paragon Health will set up your glove sampling and glove testing procedures and equipment.  The quality assurance procedures will ensure the quality of gloves manufactured is maintained, and that issues can be isolated immediately.  Quality Control will ensure the gloves meet the requirements of industry standards such as EN 455 1-4EN 374 resistance to chemicals and the acceptable quality limit (AQL) of 1.5 for nitrile examination gloves and 0.65 for latex surgical gloves.

Gloves machinery

Controls Systems

Waste water regulations differ region to region where the acceptable levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand  and Biochemical Oxygen Demand of waste water will determine how water is treated.  Paragon Health’s engineers have experience working in multiple regions around the world and can advise on what the best waste water solution is for your latex and nitrile gloves production line.

Paragon Health Factory

Energy Recovery & Efficiency

Engineering an energy efficient latex and nitrile gloves production line is paramount to the success of any glove manufacturing business.  Heat transfer and energy recovery methods are utilised to minimise the loss of energy and reuse energy where possible.  Ovens are optimized and conditions monitored to maximise efficiencies, and tanks are customized to the local environmental conditions to minimise heat loss etc.

Latex & Nitrile Gloves Production Line

Paragon Health provide an end-to-end design and build solution for a latex and nitrile gloves. Our team of specialist engineers have extensive glove manufacturing experience, and our glove dipping line designs are catered to our customer specific needs.

Our team regularly work with existing glove manufacturers where we provide consulting services for existing glove production lines.  We work with glove manufacturers to implement new technologies that will improve production efficiencies and reduce costs. 


Contact Paragon Health for a consultation

Contact our team today for a no cost consultation.  We can discuss your objectives and explore how Paragon Health can best support your glove manufacturing business.

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