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Northern Ireland medical company becoming major medical mask manufacturer

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

A Northern Ireland medical device manufacturer is fast becoming a major international manufacturer and exporter of medical masks.

Having seen the need for high quality medical masks, the family behind Seating Matters Ltd have repurposed and expanded their medical device factory to manufacture Type IIR disposable, medical masks in Northern Ireland under the Paragon Health banner.

“In today’s environment, our health service, transportation, retail & hospitality sectors cannot continue to function based on importing PPE from abroad. We saw the need for high quality medical masks and so we established one of the largest medical mask manufacturing operations in the UK to supply our healthcare workers, the public, tourists and travelers.”

Paragon Health is a sister company of Seating Matters, a medical device manufacturer of clinical seating and this ISO certified medical device factory is now producing the Type IIR disposable, medical masks for domestic use and for export.

In order to re-tool for the manufacture of these medical masks, the company has invested a 7-figure sum in the manufacturing operation and 56 long term jobs have been created through the manufacturing and export of these products.

“With an excess capacity of 3.5 million masks per week, we have the ability to serve local demands and to export these items around the world”.

In the challenging times created by this coronavirus pandemic, Paragon Heath is poised to play a key role in getting back to work safely and to supply PPE for future waves of Covid-19.

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